Monday, August 23, 2010


by Georgina Sam & David Wang
I was introduced to this book at a book launch in May. It was held in a cafe restaurant at Harbourfront. I was given a complimentary copy of the book by the promoters, and met Roger Collantes who later inscribed in my book: "To Eve, Thank you for coming to the talk. Don't waste a good crisis. Thrive, not just survive."

Beyond glib, it's loaded. BEYOND SURVIVAL is a heavy read because it requires paused reflection. BEYOND SURVIVAL aims to be a guide for readers to rise above crises they face to where they would thrive with newfound endurability within themselves. For those who have attended his seminars, this book will be a handy guide with layouts that remind you of teaching slides with catchy phrases.

I am reminded of this book now that I'm studying family life cycle theories that explore the changes that bring crises into families where successful transition through the stages of the family life cycle depends on how well family members grow through each crisis. And thank God there is always the chance to catch up where we might have floundered earlier in life. BEYOND SURVIVAL is not about people who are successful all their lives, but of those who have rebounded from crises within and without themselves and thus thrived above their circumstances. Collantes also has his own fair share of personal experiences that give weight to his convictions.

I would however add a word of advice - that in succeeding and overcoming severe odds, one's spirit does not become one that is no longer vulnerable and tender and caring towards others. It would be a tragedy if in seeking to thrive beyond the survival of all crises, one becomes relationally dysfunctional, detached from other people and not demonstrating empathy for their ongoing struggles.