Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Story of the Litte Mole who knew it was NONE of his Business

by Werner Holzwarth

For any book, having 34 editions in 22 years says a lot about its success. The first version of this book was published in German in 1989.

I've always loved children stories that contain wit and a twist of fate. Life, after all, deals us with a fair amount of unfair treatments. In this story, a mole woke up and emerged from his hole one day, only to be dealt with foul play.

"How mean!" cried the little mole. "Who has done this on my head?" He decided to investigate and to find the source of offence.

In the process, he approached a dove, a horse, a rabbit, a goat, a cow, a pig and two flies with forensic expertise with dung. Things came to a head, literally, when he finally found the odious culprit and duly issued an equal measure of revenge!

Really Simple Morals of the story:
- Some people will move around with shit sitting over their heads till they find justice.
- Some people will move around with foulness just to get to the bottom of something!
- Retaliation is not measured by size: case in point, the villain and victim have excrements of disparate sizes.

Where you can get it: S$17.40 Kinokuniya
Level of impact: I saw a copy from a friend and immediately ordered four from the store.
Timing of book: Perennially relevant!