Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Got the book: 24th February 2009
AXIOM by Bill Hybels

The first Bill Hybels' book I read years ago was 'The Contagious Christian' that profiles different types of contagious believers. This is another must-have-must-keep book for any serious growing Christian. I like what he says about seasoned leaders that they 'ought to be able to pinpoint their guiding principles on the important stuff of leadership and distill them down to memorable sound-bites that can be called upon at a second's notice to inform a critical decision.'  This basically describes the way he treats the principle in each chapter: like fine-dining, it draws you and you want more. But go too fast, and you forget what was the first dish.

It's written not like a book to be read but a conversation shared. It's like hearing the voice of one who trains you to see the big picture [broad strokes] that guides all the small things [finer strokes] you do. The end of every chapter also shows links to other chapters for further reading on similar issues. Again, you can't miss his broad stroke take on everything.

A book to read at the doctor's office, on the MRT, in the loo, while waiting for your coffee kaki to show up. And because each chapter is so short, you actually feel you've learnt something sitting around!

Where you can get it: SKS [around $20]
Level of impact: A view of the broad strokes of minstry
Timing: Impeccable