Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love Beyond Reason by John Ortberg

I found this book at a time I was asking God a severe question: "Why, why, why?". What happens to those hard to love? How will they end up? As I read the book, I began to see that people can choose what they want, but it doesn't change God's choice: not less loved at all!

It takes a realist who has a good grasp of God and himself on a consistent basis to be able to write with animation the complexities and intricacies of loving others! Hurt, disappointment, frustration and all that is unpalatable comes as a package with acceptance, encouragement, gratitude and relationship. Ultimately we are better off if we do not give up on the practice of loving others.

However, this book takes you to look beyond acting loving. Many of our genuine acts of loving others, drawn on humanistic intentions, are sadly flawed and therefore, frustrating (creating health problems unto ourselves!). Digging deeper within ourselves, we see the less noble and altruistic hidden need to meet our own needs than those we profess to care for. On the outside, it looks so wonderful to all around, but right inside is the real deal that God weighs.

This is a book I can pick up anytime to read over and over again. A mature 12-year-old can pick it up.

Where you can get it: SKS Books S$15.90 on sale
Level of impact: Those exhausted with being high-strung could be tempted to throw all caution to the wind and start living and relating for real.
Timing of book: Like laxative to constipation, it's release for frustration in people-helping and puts in the fuel of renewed compassion.