Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Were Made for More by Jim Cymbala

A friend got me this book which introduced me to Pastor Jim Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabernacle in USA. If 2009 is a time for Trinitarians to 'Enter into Abundant Living', then this 2008 title should be a must-read for all! The title of chapter 1 immediately calls you to 'Step Up'. Too many of us are expecting customer service from God to have a great life but he warns that a life of 'total leisure' will actually sap you of energy! I feel that too many believers are fighting realities just because they are not favourable or desirable to us, or we glorify them and set ourselves up to be long-suffering martyrs. But I imagine God would say: 'Get on with it. I'm not repulsed by these circumstances, I'm more repulsed by your reaction!'

This is not a book you want to speed read because carefully handled, it will cause you to contort and twist inside! I got it in June and was still reading it on 31st July! The style of writing lets you pause and respond at any juncture so that you return to the passage without missing the flow.

One-thought-summary: The visions, dreams and calling God gives us is not greater than the call to seek Him and obey Him in our day-to-day living. God holds us accountable for the latter while He Himself is accountable for the fulfilment of the vision. In ordinary lingo, that would be living life without bullshit in the backyard.

Where you can get it: SKS Book; around S$20 or less (sale price).
Level of impact: May cause heart palpitations and enhance life expectancy
Timing of book: Helps reduce pollution however long you have been on spiritual journey