Monday, November 30, 2009

'Growing Pains' and 'Sacred Diary' by Adrian Plass

As a little water is much welcome to one travelling through desert, laughter is a refreshing welcome to the soul for one sojourning through life. Such is a read with Adrian Plass's 2-in-1 'Growing Up Pains' and 'Sacred Diary'. Very quickly, I added a subtitle to the book [a birthday gift] in writing - 'The insanity between laughter and sobs.'

Not since the days of Fawlty Towers have I been so entertained by British humor, and this is not even vulgar!

On people who reflect God's nature
'The nearer they are to God, the better they make you feel, without in any way suggesting that you should minimise or ignore your faults or weaknesses. I find this very encouraging. Presumably, God Himself is the source and ultimate example of this quality.'

On being a blessing to the community
'...the church has a responsibility to transfigure the community instead of just forming a holy huddle once a week.' And may I add, marking attendance to show for it! The point is: what is happening with those who are attending the weekly meetings? Are they growing?

Adrian Plass writes without censorship, he writes it as it is - crude, raw, unadulterated realities. The thing is, God knows how to be real better than anyone of us. And I'm not talking about his omniscience but the closer you are to Him, the more comfortable you are to the degree He sees the real deal in you in a way that you know what He knows.

Check out this book for high dosage of laughter and truth - great for private lie-down laughing, public laugh fest by yourself, or when in company of poker faces.

Where you can get it: SKS Books; under $20
Level of impact: Great laughter for animation of the soul
Timing of book: Suitable for unabashed all-out indoor or outdoor laughing